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Underfloor Heating Clip Rail & Staples

Underfloor Heating Clip Rail & Staples

Do you want fit underfloor heating between the wood joists?

Then these floor heating products are the solution. The staples and clip rail help to fix the pipe straight on to the insulation or even between the wood joists. Underfloor heating staples are used to fit the floor heating pipe straight onto the insulation boards. Heating and Plumbing Warehouse also supplies you with the clip rail to make sure the pipes are fitted properly between the wood beams. The 'red' clips are able to hold the clip rail in position and just as easy to fit as the 'black' staples.

These products from Heating and Plumbing Warehouse online store can be delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in the UK. 

For alternative underfloor heating pipe solutions check out our Pipesulation Boards.

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  1. Pipe ClipRail & Pipe

    Pipe ClipRail 2.5m

    You Save:£1.37

    Supplied as 2.5 metre long pieces. The perfect solution to install the underfloor heating pipe between the wooden joists. The only way to achieve the correct pipe distances between the beams. The adhesive strip on the back make it easy to fix to the insulation. We recommend to use the red clips with it (approx. 5 clips per rail).

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  2. Clips For Pipecliprail

    Clips For Pipecliprail

    You Save:£0.03

    The 'red' clips for the Pipe Cliprail fix the rail to the insulation. It also stops the ClipRail to lift up during the pipe laying.

    The minimum order is bag of 50.

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  3. Staple For Underfloor Heating Pipe

    Staple For Underfloor Heating Pipe

    You Save:£0.01

    Staples are used to fix the underfloor heating pipe on to the insulation boards (expanded polystyrene). It gives the possibility to create unique patterns during the installation. Recommended approximately 5 staples per metre.

    Minimum order is a strip of 50 pieces.

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