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From our online plumbers merchant we can supply different types of valves from the safety pressure relief valves, motorised valves to the by-pass valves and the thermostatic mixing valves.

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  1. Grasslin 2 Port Motorised Valve

    Grasslin 22mm 2 Port Motorised Zone Valve


    2 port spring return zone valve with 22mm compression fittings and an auxiliary switch. This is for general purpose flow control applications for central heating systems.

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  2. Salus Automatic By-Pass Valve

    Salus Automatic By-Pass Valve

    You Save:£2.10

    The Automatic By-Pass Valve ( BPV100 ) opens only when the system pressure dictates. This will increase the system efficiency as well as eliminating any system noise.

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  3. Pressure Reducing Valve 22mm

    Pressure Reducing Valve 22mm

    You Save:£3.51

    22mm pressure reducing valve with piston and gauge connection

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  4. Pressure Relief Valve FF 1/2 inch

    Pressure Relief Valve FF 1/2 inch 3 bar


    The 3 bar pressure relief valve is a safety valve which has been designed for water distribution systems under pressure.

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  5. Thermostatic Mixing Valve 1/2 inc

    Thermostatic Mixing Valve 1/2 inch

    You Save:£4.60

    Thermostatic mixing valve is supplied with 1/2 male connections, temperature safety function and filters.

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  6. Inta Intamix 15mm Inline Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    Inta Intamix 15mm Inline Thermostatic Mixing Valve

    You Save:£6.25

    The Intatec range of 15 and 22mm thermostatic mixing valves is designed primarily for single outlet use. It delivers safe, blended hot water to taps, showers, bidets and other water outlets, making it ideal for use in hospitals, schools and leisure centres.

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